For the achievement of THORAX goals specific activities have been planned which include optimization of methodologies, procedures and materials processes for the modification of commercially available fibers (Kevlar and Tensylon). These methodologies have been to a large extent already demonstrated as being feasible at least on a laboratory scale and will be optimized in order to be applied on a pilot scale. Developed panels of modified fabrics will be evaluated towards their response to ballistic as well as knife tests. The corresponding structural changes will indicate mechanisms describing the response of the materials to the bullet and knife impact thereby acting as a feedback to the optimization of the related processes. Level III and level IV class protective textiles will be manufactured.

A number of research teams (namely, the University of Patras-Advanced Polymers & Hybrid Nanomaterials Research Laboratory, University of Patras-Laboratory of Applied Mechanics and Vibrations and FORTH/ICEHT), companies (ADAMANT COMPOSITES, SIAMIDIS, MIRTEC) and of the Ministry of National Defense (DIDEAP) offer their strong potential, know-how, and experience on related fields. The complementarities of each partner’s expertise as well as the unique mutual benefit ensure the success of the project.